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  • Dec 20, 2023

Why Choose a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor

Investing can be complicated. Choosing a Financial Advisor shouldn’t be.

You’ve worked hard to build a substantial nest egg and you need to make sure it will be managed right. Perhaps you’re thinking about helping your daughter with a down payment on a home—without jeopardizing your lifestyle in retirement. You’re ready to choose a Financial Advisor, and want to do your own due diligence so you can find one you have confidence in. We hear you.

Manage your Wealth

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You don’t need to be sold or told. You want a professional that listens.

We understand the importance of listening. Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor starts by asking what your dreams and concerns are regarding your present and financial future. We are natural collaborators who see you, hear you, and get you—a knowledgeable professional that provides you with the advice and resources to help you achieve your goals. 

You’re ready for financial advice. But do you have enough wealth for a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor?

If you have $500,000 in investable assets, in or out of a retirement fund, you are in the perfect position to work with Morgan Stanley. You are the priority, and your success is our success. Like the best investment strategies, your Financial Advisor is committed to long-term relationships and results.

Planning, saving, investing. Let us help make a “big” difference.

Think of us as “big yet boutique.” We combine the vast resources of a global financial services Firm with individualized services for a hands-on, tailored approach. Whether it’s planning for your future, architecting your retirement savings drawdown strategy, investing with impact for positive change, or legacy planning, we can do more for you than you’d imagine. It’s why our Financial Advisors have earned some of the industry’s top awards, year after year.*

Your best interest is our only interest.

Financial Advisors have a fiduciary duty to work in the client’s best interests. Something we take very seriously at Morgan Stanley. Want to consult on life events and family dynamics? We will collaborate on options that address your challenges—from navigating market, tax, and financial complexities to preparing for the unexpected. 

What are the fees, and are they worth the care you’ll receive?

We are transparent. Our Financial Advisor fees are often a percentage of assets under management. They could also include other fees related to financial planning, investment management, or other ways you choose to do business with us. We will be up front with you about our compensation. 

You want a Financial Advisor to spend time with you, not make time for you.

Our relationship is at your convenience. The team meets you in person, by video, or phone, on your schedule. Our mobile apps, website, and digital vault make it easy to check in, transact, and organize your financial life. 

A 1:1 relationship gets the results you’re looking for.

Concerned about being able to live the lifestyle you have today in retirement while achieving your other goals? You’ll get a personalized financial plan for you and your family’s future.  We’ll identify areas of focus given where you are today—your assets, debts, income, and expenses—and where you want to be tomorrow. We tailor your plan to fit your timeline and update it as life inevitably changes.

Already talking to a few financial advisors and don’t feel satisfied?

Our clients sing a different tune. In fact,

  • 97% of our clients say they are satisfied with the firm, and 
  • 98% are satisfied with how their Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor handles questions and requests.* 
  • nine in 10 Morgan Stanley clients surveyed say they felt prepared financially for the COVID-19 crisis.*

What’s next? You interview us.

If you have an important job to fill, you first interview your top candidates. It works the same way when it comes to choosing one of our Financial Advisors. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Start by selecting, then interviewing, several Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors. Ask about their planning services, investment capabilities and process, performance against client goals, average client tenure, team structure and costs in dollars.

  2. Once you’ve decided on a Financial Advisor, you’ll meet to get to know each other better and discuss your goals, priorities, and needs. Your Financial Advisor will ask you to share specific financial information as a follow-up. 

  3. You’ll meet again to build your financial plan based on the goals and needs you discussed and your financial situation.

  4. Your Financial Advisor and their team will be available throughout the year to answer any questions you may have at any time. You’ll meet regularly to ensure you stay on track and evolve your plan as needed. 

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