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Sustainability at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley partners with clients and stakeholders to mobilize capital at scale for a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Our businesses strive to deliver environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions that help reduce risk, enhance value and expand the frontiers of sustainable finance. We aim to operate sustainably and to disclose our global progress.

We consider sustainability across our business activities and operations through three core pillars: Solutions and Services, the Institute for Sustainable Investing and Firmwide Sustainability.

Solutions and Services

Morgan Stanley’s businesses work to drive ESG innovation and progress across global capital markets. Our client solutions and services seek to deliver positive environmental and social impact alongside competitive financial returns.

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Institute for
Sustainable Investing

The Institute aims to accelerate market adoption of sustainable investing strategies and drive strategic ESG initiatives across our firm.

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Morgan Stanley’s commitment to sustainable business includes how we run our firm. We seek to build a diverse, inclusive workforce and a resilient company characterized by strong governance and prudent risk management.

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Recent Sustainability Initiatives

Backing Global Innovators through our Sustainable Solutions Collaborative

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Supporting Affordable Housing and Small Businesses through the Morgan Stanley Social Bonds

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Reaching Net-Zero Financed Emissions

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

“At Morgan Stanley, we are focused on integrating ESG initiatives into our firm’s core competencies," says Executive Chairman James P. Gorman. “With our best-in-class research, advisory and investing capabilities, Morgan Stanley is in a unique position to advance sustainability across capital markets. Our efforts require the wholehearted support of our people. From living our core values to nurturing an inclusive workplace to addressing the key sustainability challenges of our time, our employees make Morgan Stanley what it is today.”

With our research, advisory and investing capabilities, Morgan Stanley is in a unique position to advance sustainability across capital markets.
James P. Gorman Executive Chairman, Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's Sustainability Goals

Mobilizing $1 trillion for Sustainable Finance by 2030: In 2021, we committed to mobilize $1 trillion for sustainable solutions that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including $750 billion in low-carbon initiatives. Through 2022, we have mobilized $700 billion in capital, including $550 billion in low-carbon and green solutions.

For more, see the Sustainable Finance Target section in our latest ESG Report.

Reaching Net-Zero Financed Emissions by 2050: In 2020, Morgan Stanley became the first major U. S.-headquartered global financial services firm to commit to achieving net-zero—a state in which the amount of carbon produced is offset by the amount removed from the atmosphere—in financed emissions by 2050. In 2021, we launched interim 2030 targets for our lending portfolio’s most carbon-intensive sectors—auto manufacturing, energy and power.

For more information on our net-zero strategy and our latest financed emissions data, see our ESG Report.

Carbon Neutrality: Morgan Stanley achieved carbon neutrality in 2022.1 Our carbon-neutrality status covers direct Scope 1 emissions from our operations; indirect Scope 2 location-based emissions from purchasing energy; and Scope 3 emissions from business travel and owned assets that are leased. For more information, please see the "Achieving Carbon-Neutral Operations" section of our ESG Report.

Helping Avoid 50MM Metric Tons of Plastic Waste by 2030: Managing plastic waste offers an opportunity to make a positive impact on how the world treats natural resources by pursuing a circular economy. We’re helping mobilize capital for this market transition, and engaging employees to eliminate single-use plastics from our own operations. As of year-end 2022, our estimates suggest that we supported the prevention, removal or reduction of nearly 14 million metric tons of plastic waste from entering the environment and landfills by 2030.

For more, visit our Plastic Waste Resolution webpage.

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