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Learn what it’s like to work with us, get our latest thoughts on the market, and keep up with new ideas, via the Morgan Stanley skill for Amazon Alexa.

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Bring Wall Street into your flash briefing with commentary from Chief Investment Officer Mike Wilson and other thought leaders.

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Market Insights—Just a Phrase Away

Get the latest insights from Morgan Stanley, right in your daily news digest.
The Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast brings you inside the stories that move markets.
Want to know what it’s like to work at Morgan Stanley? Hear about our culture and core values and how they’re an integral part of all the ways we serve our clients globally.
Keep up with the latest insights from Chief Investment Officer Mike Wilson, among other Morgan Stanley thought leaders.
Quiz your knowledge of the language of Wall Street with Morgan Stanley Jargon Buster. We’ll demystify key financial terms to help keep you a step ahead.

Easy Access to Decades of Investment Expertise.


How do I activate the Morgan Stanley skill?

Visit and sign in, or open your Alexa app and go to “Skills & Games.”

Search for Morgan Stanley.

Select “Thoughts on the Market” or “Morgan Stanley” and enable each skill.

Say “Alexa, play my flash briefing,” “Alexa, open Morgan Stanley,” or “Alexa, play the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast” to listen.

What do I need to access the skills?

All you need to access the skills is an Alexa device and an Amazon login. No personal or account information is required.

What devices are compatible with Morgan Stanley's Alexa skill and flash briefings?

All Alexa devices are compatible with our skill and flash briefings.

Does Morgan Stanley share personal information with Alexa?

No. Morgan Stanley does not collect or share your personal information with Alexa.