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Sustainable Solutions and Services

Our businesses are responding to client demand with financial solutions and services designed to help deliver both competitive financial returns and positive environmental and social outcomes. These products leverage our research, advisory and investing capabilities to deliver potentially actionable solutions to complex challenges.

Over the past decade, GSF has worked to incubate innovative solutions to drive ESG integration.
Matthew Slovik Head of Global Sustainable Finance, Morgan Stanley

Driving Sustainabilty Integration Across the Firm

Our Global Sustainable Finance (GSF) Group, created in 2009 and led by Matthew Slovik, partners with teams across our three businesses—Institutional Securities, Wealth Management and Investment Management—to implement sustainable solutions. 

“Over the past decade, the Global Sustainable Finance team has worked to incubate innovative solutions to drive ESG integration across our business,” Slovik says.

Institutional Securities

Institutional Securities has a long history of using the scale and speed of capital markets to generate positive environmental and social benefits for innovative companies.

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Wealth Management

Leveraging capabilities and expertise from across the firm, Investing with Impact at Morgan Stanley connects clients with opportunities that seek to generate market-rate financial returns and strive to deliver positive environmental and social impact.

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Investment Management

We engage with clients to understand their sustainability priorities and develop innovative solutions that integrate sustainability into actively managed portfolios.

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Institutional Securities

Our Institutional Securities business has a long history of using the scale and speed of capital markets to generate positive environmental and social benefits for innovative companies. We achieve this with a range of levers, including financial advisory and underwriting services. Teams across the business work with clients to meet these objectives. Our Sustainability Research team develops stock-specific summaries that help integrate material ESG issues into how we evaluate companies.

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Wealth Management

Wealth Management offers a diversified client base the means to identify, measure and link their financial, social and environmental impact goals. Our accessible Investing with Impact strategies and solutions span across asset classes, including public equity, fixed income (including green bonds) and alternatives. 

Our Solutions

Morgan Stanley IQ

Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient ® is a proprietary impact reporting and analysis application that enables our Wealth Management clients to articulate and capture their unique set of social and environmental impact objectives, assess the alignment of their current portfolio holdings against them, and make informed investment decisions to better align over time.

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Investing with Impact

Launched in 2012, Morgan Stanley Investing with Impact offers a comprehensive suite of holistic wealth solutions for clients seeking to align their financial, environmental and social impact goals. With $55 billion in client assets as of 2020, the platform offers more than 150 investment strategies, solutions and opportunities to advance broad sustainability solutions or focus on particular issues such as mitigating climate change, supporting diversity and inclusion, or promoting community economic development across a range of approaches.



of our Financial Advisors use at least one Investing with Impact investment strategy with their clients
of our Financial Advisors use five or more Investing with Impact investment strategies with their clients

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Investment Management

Morgan Stanley Investment Management is committed to ESG-informed investment decision-making across all asset classes to support the interests of our clients and their portfolios. We believe that ESG factors drive new investment opportunities and are a material contributor in both risk mitigation and long-term investment returns. In addition, we leverage our influence as an investor to drive better investment performance alongside improved corporate sustainability practices and outcomes.

Our Approach to Sustainable Investing

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Sustainable Investing Governance

Morgan Stanley Investment Management takes a holistic approach to sustainable investing to promote long-term value for our business and clients. Our portfolio managers and investment teams take the lead in implementing sustainability for their investment portfolios, supported by the Investment Management Sustainability team, the Investment Management Sustainability Council and Morgan Stanley’s world-class resources, including the Institute for Sustainable Investing. The Sustainability Council is composed of senior, cross-functional business and investment leaders who oversee and guide Investment Management’s support for the sustainable investment strategies of each business.

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Our approach to stewardship is driven by our investment teams, and differentiated across strategies and asset classes. Active ownership is the hallmark of our approach to investing. As active managers and long-term investors, we believe we have both a duty and an opportunity to act as stewards of the capital we manage. Our investment teams embrace this opportunity by engaging directly and often with their portfolio companies on sustainability topics, in addition to exercising our proxy voting rights. 

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Sustainable Investing

Each of our investment teams integrates materially relevant sustainability risks and opportunities into their investment decision-making process. This includes due diligence and research, valuation, asset selection, portfolio construction and ongoing investment monitoring.

We offer clients options ranging from funds that integrate ESG factors throughout the investment process to Investment Management-labelled Sustainable Funds that seek to achieve attractive financial returns alongside positive environmental and/or social impact. 

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Community Development Finance

Morgan  Stanley brings together investments as well as philanthropic and private capital to create lasting positive changes in communities across the United States. The wide-ranging program is implemented by the Community Development Finance (CDF) Group in partnership with local organizations, and focuses on sustainable and affordable multifamily rental housing, healthy communities, equitable transit-oriented development, economic development that supports quality jobs, capital for underserved small and rural markets, and nonprofit capacity-building.

2010-2020 Community Development Achievements

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